You own a word. You own a string. You own a TLD.
Make it work for you.


Top Level Domain (TLD) registries are assets of endless possibility. Each TLD is a unique opportunity to be the channel for its bespoke namespace. TLD Advisors will create, evaluate, or fine tune your strategic plan and efficiently execute that plan to realize the value of your TLD. Our tailor-made solution can:

  • Achieve robust, sustainable renewal rates
  • Grow top line performance
  • Exceed investor expectations
  • Receive the best price if and when you're ready to sell
  • Increase domain name registrations
  • Execute successful premium domain name sales
  • Maximize the impact of registrars
  • Innovate outside usual channels
  • Increase registrant usage rates

TLD Advisors is a professional services firm dedicated to help TLD registry owners unlock the value of their assets. Backed by Hilco Streambank, one of the world's leading intangible asset advisors, TLD Advisors can support:


Registry Management

  • Identify Improvements by benchmarking all aspects of your TLD
  • Deploy proprietary business intelligence tools to monitor performance
  • Layer in a dashboard tool to guide management decisions
  • Operate parts or all of the operations of your TLD

Asset Monetization

  • Strengthen your brand and marketing strategy
  • Maximize registrar channel performance
  • Implement marketing and sales tactics with the highest ROI impact
  • Introduce innovative tools to shape perception and buying behavior of registrants

Capital Transactions

  • Capital raise (debt or equity)
  • Buy or sell-side representation
  • Prepare valuation reports. Hilco Streambank routinely provides reports for credit decisions by banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms
  • Act as trusted advisor to develop financial strategies and to execute transactions

The TLD Advisors Guild is our network of the best professionals in the industry. We believe you deserve the best to ensure successful execution. This starts with a simple no obligation meeting. Next an initial review identifying prioritized tasks ready to execute. To help frame the conversation, focus on the answers to key strategic questions:

  1. What is the value of your TLD?

  2. How do you measure performance?

  3. What are existing registrants doing with their domains registered?

  4. How are potential registrants being approached and taken through the sales process?

  5. How are you managing your usage rates? Renewal rates?

  6. Are all aspects of your operations functioning effectively? Why? Why not?


You own a word. You own a string. You own a TLD.
Make it work for you.

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